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  whats sex really like? Does it hurt your first time? How do you know when youre ready to have sex? Get answers to all your biggest and most embarrassing sex and hook up questions.   from how to have sex dreams to how to have sex, google gave teen vogue a list of the top-searched questions about sex and sexual health. Married adults under age 30 say they have sex an average of 109 times a year. The average number drops to 70 times per year for 40-somethings and 52 times a year for people in their 50s. Anal sex can feel great, which is why many people include it as a regular part of their sex life. But planned parenthood notes that anal sex can hurt if youre not relaxed or if you dont use lube. According to the medical institute for sexual health, a virgin is anyone who has never had sexual intercourse (oral, vaginal, or anal). Many teens falsely assume that they are still virgins if they only have oral sex, but this is simply not true. Via imgur iheartdna what is the point of anal sex? Is anal sex bad for your insides? If u have butt sex and someone cums in ur butt u fart wat happens?   a netherlands study found only a very small association between porn use and sexual experience (e. 9 in a survey from mens health and womens health, 72 of people surveyed said they would be open to tuning in to porn with their partner if he or she requested it.). When it comes to anal sex, there are three main topics that you should study cleanliness, comfort, and consent. The answers to your top 50 sex questions -- revealed! Plus, surprising advice for avoiding sneaky things that kill your sex drive, for showing you how orgasms can save your life and for giving your partner a roadmap to your hottest erogenous zones.

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