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There is nothing in islam to say that anal intercourse is permissible 91968. In bukhari sharif hadesh no-4170 & 4171,said that anal sex is halaljayaj. I want to know whats the truth?is anal sex haram or not?please response my quetion.   is it permissible to have sex standing? In a shower? Answer walaikum assalam, i hope youre doing well, inshaallah. May allah bless you for your concern to observe limits and propriety in your actions. The general principle is that (1) all sexual practices are permissible, besides the specifically prohibited (such as anal sex) or harmful.   welcome to a new series where we ask the question how do people from different religions have sex? Well be finding out about how jews, mormons, muslims, hindus, sikhs and. (l) that anal intercourse is not haram but strongly disliked (karahatan shadidah) provided the wife agrees to it. (2) and if she does not agree to it, then all mujtahids say that it is precautionarily wajib to refrain from it. With all due respect to the great mujtahids who hold the above opinion, i would like to present the preferred opinion.   having anal sex can increase the risk of bacterial infection, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections, and it can worsen hemorrhoids.   what does islam say about sexual relationships? In islam, men and women are required to dress modestly.   this article explores how sex is perceived in islam, what its benefits are and the islamic guidelines for a healthy sex life for both men and women. Sex between husband and wife is known to be one of the pleasures of this world. Islam encourages marriage and prohibits pre-marital and extra-marital relationships. This website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand islam and muslims. It contains a lot of brief, yet informative articles about different aspects of islam.   the hanbali followers of islam say that even though muslim couples dont swallow seminal fluid, those who participate in oral sex should always rinse their mouths after the act as part of islamic. ) says, when you intend to have sex with your wife, do not rush because the woman (also) has needs (which should be fulfilled). The prophet (s) said, three people are cruel a person who has sex with his wife before foreplay.

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