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Sales were just half that, and only a few other companies like utz and herrs used olestra in their products. Lays wow chips were fat-free potato chips produced by frito-lay containing olestra. They were first introduced in 1998, and were marketed using the lays, ruffles, doritos, and tostitos brands. Although initially popular, charting sales of 400 million in their first year, they subsequently dropped to 200 million by 2000, as olestra caused abdominal cramping, diarrhea, fecal incontinence. The problem with the olestra that the chip is cooked in has been solved. The company has determined exactly how much faster the olestra travels through the digestive system than does the potato chip itself. They make a variety of potato chips, kettle chips, tortilla chips, pretzels and cheese curls. Not talking flavored cause if we were herrs salt and vinegar is the hands down choice.   june 21, 2011 -- another diet myth bites the dust products containing the calorie-less fake fat olean, of fat-free potato chips fame, may make you gain weight, not lose it.   foods made with olestra include all of lays light potato chip products and pringles fat-free potato chips. Olestra, also called by its brand name olean, was chosen as an ingredient in these snacks because its a fat substitute that adds no fat, calories or cholesterol to food products. 68 i will continue to stick to the classic red doritos, yellow lays, and salt and vinegar. Next up will be the other ones after i torture the family by making them finish off the chicken and waffles bag of chips. Dec 22, 2004 olestra is still in pringles and in lays light chips and now also in utz yes fat-free potato chips. Last year the fda, persuaded by p&gs further research into olestras health effects, removed its requirement that foods containing olestra bear the discouraging label, and its makers are somewhat upbeat about its future. As a snack, and the symptoms lasted until 4 the next morning. Pat mcghehey, a 63-year-old pet groomer from indianapolis, ate half of a family-sized bag of lays original wow chips (about 6 ounces of chips) as a snack and suffered severe and horrible smelling gas, bloating, flatulence, yellow-orange stains, and greasy stools.

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