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Although the capacitance (c-m) of the di water decreased as the interelectrode distance increased, that of the te buffer was similar up to a frequency of 100 hz, after which it was spilt in the. 8 kda) is composed of 51 amino acids and two peptide chains referred to as a and b chain which are coupled together by disulfide bonds. The deficiency of insulin can lead to diabetes mellitus or hyperglycemia which is related to high blood sugar levels in the human body 2,3. The world health organization estimates that 9 of adults aged over 18 have. Noting that as the measurement frequency increased, the sensor response became more diminished because of dielectric relaxation (woo et al. 2012), we performed the measurements at a fixed frequency of 1 khz, which offered a pronounced sensor response while minimizing the effect of the electrical double layer on the electrode surface on the devices impedance.   the resonance frequency lowered to 162 mhz without a load. As the sensor environment changed from air to water, the capacitance increased in the space around the sensor, because water has a higher dielectric constant than air. Young-jei oh, principal research fellow of korea institute of science and technology, seoul (kist) read 128 publications contact young-jei oh.   self-assembled monolayers cannot be used to readily prepare insulating layers that are a few nm thick and are pinhole-free onto electrodes. The te control buffer (sample s1) showed the lowest capacitance value, which increased to the maximum in the presence of the four nucleotides (sample s16) (fig. When the te buffer was supplemented with each single nucleotide individually, subtle difference between the capacitance versus voltage profiles of individual nucleotides could be observed (samples s2, s3, s5 and s9) ( fig.).   changes in dielectric parameters (impedancecapacitance) in between the gold interdigitated microelectrodes of capacitors before and after the incubation of samples on the sensor surfaces was measured against the applied frequency range from 50 to 350 mhz using a network analyzer (karl süss pm-5 rf probe station and agilent-8720es), which was pre-calibrated using.   the influence of uvozone treatment on the property of polystyrene (ps) dielectric surface was investigated, and pentacene organic field-effect transistors (ofets) based on the treated dielectric was fabricated. The dielectric and pentacene active layers were characterized by atomic force microscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy.

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