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When bacteria build up in the anal sacs, it can cause an infection. It can become so painful and itchy that your cat may show signs of fear or anger. Its important to treat an infection right away or it may turn into an abscess. If the anal glands are inflamed or infected, they become swollen and tender. Your cat may try to relieve the irritation by scooting his rear on the ground or frequently biting or licking at it. Your veterinarian can express, or empty, the contents of the anal glands and treat for infection, if needed. Anal gland disease in cats is not very common, but when they do become infected or diseased they can be a really painful problem. Find out the causes of anal gland problems, the signs and symptoms to look out for and then the best ways to treat and prevent them in the future. Anal gland disease in cats is usually caused by either an infection or impaction to the area. In the case of infections, this happens when bacteria is allowed to build up in the anal sacs. If this isnt treated quickly, the infection can even turn into an abscess. Impaction is the term for what happens when the ducts of the anal sacs become. Feline anal glands become problematic when the ducts become blocked, a condition called anal sacculitis. Problems can also occur if your cats anal sacs are making too much fluid. This keeps the substance from coming out of the ducts, causing it to get thicker and possibly allow infection to form. As we stated above, impaction is not the only reason a cats anal glands might not function properly. Also known as saculitis, an anal gland infection in cats produces a painful inflammation in one or both of the cats anal glands. You should suspect an anal gland infection if your cat has clear or yellowish liquid, purulent fluid (pus) or even blood coming from the area. The anal sacs are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four oclock and eight oclock positions. The walls of the sac produce a foul smelling fluid which is released whenever the cat passes a bowel movement. The anal sacs or their ducts can become inflamed or infected due to a variety of causes. Anal sacs, sometimes mistakenly referred to as anal glands,. And 20 anal sacs from 20 dogs with disease (either anal sac infection or anal sac abscessation) to identify the bacterial ora present and their antibiogram. Feline paraneoplastic alopecia is a cutaneous syndrome associated with internal malignancies.

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