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  plugging is another name for rectal administration, or inserting drugs into the anus. Opiates, or other drugs, are usually crushed into powder and mixed with water to created a drug-infused solution. The solution is then injected into the anus via an oral or needleless syringe. Can you put a pill in your rectum if you cant swallow it? Can you, or should you? You can pretty much get anything smaller than a breadbox up there.   actually, yes, you can either slide it in whole or crush it up. Also, crush it up and put it into the eye of the penis, that works too. It will be absorbed into the mucous membranes at a much faster rate than sublingually and doesnt goes through the liver. Far as dosage, no idea, i dont take boner pills, i have penis enlargement for that.   how to insert progesterone suppositories without an applicator. Progesterone suppositories are often used during in vitro fertilization (ivf) treatments or to cause periods in perimenopausal women who are low in progesterone. What harm could happen if i am careful about inserting the tube (it is not as large as an erect penis) i am curious about this.   im an ex driggie of 15yrs ive done every pill imaginable. I was using up to 250 a day i turned against family and friends and watched my momma die while i was high i tried overdosing but i was revived to be honest i thought it was the only way to get out from the sickness until a ex druggie introduced me to suboxone and all i can say is i thank her cause she saved my life im 4 yrs.   dear alice, on big nights out (about once a month) friends of mine plug ecstasy tablets by which i mean they each stick one up their butt instead of swallowing. They claim that is a safer way to ingest e because it bypasses the liver and goes right into the bloodstream.   what is it called when you take pills through your butt? Like pill popping and instead of swallowing them you shove them up your butt.

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