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  anal warts are found inside and around the area of the anus. They start as small bumps that may be no larger than the head of a pin. Deep kissing or oral sex with someone with hpvgenital warts could result in an infection in the throat or mouth. What do anal warts look like? If symptoms for anal warts do show up, often in the start, they are a small dot or lump that is not even visible to the eye. Anal warts are caused by a common type of virus, the human papilloma virus (hpv). Many people will not know that they have anal warts, as there may not be any symptoms. However, it is important to have anal warts diagnosed and either treated or followed in order to prevent or be aware of their becoming more numerous andor growing larger.   anal warts pictures what does an anal wart look like? Anal warts initially appear to look like really small, pin-like lesions. Over time they may grow larger in size, develop in groups or clusters, or form into unique shapes that often resemble cauliflowers. They may feel like lumps of skin or bumps in the anal region.   anal warts very often spread through sexual contact, but it can also cause infection when you share a towel. If you are having sex with multiple partners and has frequent sexual activity with males who have genital warts you are likely to pick up anal warts. While hpv can also be transmitted via non-penetrative sexual activity, it is less transmissible than via penetrative sex. There is conflicting evidence about the effect of condomson transmission of low-risk hpv. Some studies have suggested that they are effective at reducing transmission. Other studies suggest that condoms are not effective at preventing transmission of the low-risk hpv variants that cause genital warts.   genital warts are a common sexually transmitted infection (sti) passed on by vaginal and anal sex, sharing sex toys and, rarely, by oral sex.

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