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Symptoms of anal cancer can include bleeding, bowel changes and severe itching (pruritus). They can also be symptoms for other conditions such as piles (haemorrhoids), but its important to see your doctor. The most common symptom of anal cancer is bleeding from the back passage (rectal bleeding).   anal cancer symptoms can be similar to those of hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (ibs), and many gastrointestinal diseases. Digital rectal exams can detect some cases of anal carcinoma. Anal cancer is a cancer that affects the tissues of the anus. Squamous cells are a type of cell that line the surface of the anal canal. Some anal cancers are adenocarcinomas of the anus, a cancer of the cells that make the mucus that helps the stools (faeces) move smoothly out of the anus. Anal cancer symptoms this article describes common symptoms that may occur from cancer in the anus.   symptoms and signs of anal cancer include a hard lump or mass near the anus, anal discharge or bleeding, and a change in bowel habits.   if caught early, anal cancer is highly treatable - with high survival rates. Read more from webmd about anal cancer, including symptoms and treatments. A big problem is that anal cancer can grow in persons body, without causing any symptoms or can look like hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. Rectal bleeding nearly 80 of patients with anal cancer have this symptom. Anal cancer is a cancer which arises from the anus, the distal opening of the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms may include bleeding from the anus or a lump near the anus. Other symptoms may include pain, itchiness, or discharge from the anus.   anal bleeding, discharge, pressure, itching, a lump near the anus, and mucus in the stool are signs and symptoms of anal cancer. Hpv infection, having many sex partners, smoking, and being over the age of 50 are anal cancer risk factors.

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