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  vertebral defect, anal atresia, cardiac defect, tracheoesophageal fistulaesophageal atresia, renal defect, and limb defect association with mayer-rokitansky-küster-hauser syndrome in co-occurrence two case reports and a review of the literature. Bjrsum-meyer t(1)(2), herlin m(3), qvist n(4)(5), petersen mb(3)(6). In anal atresia, the tissue closing the anus may be several centimeters thick or just a thin membrane of skin. A fistula often extends from the anal pouch to the perineum or the urethra in males and to the vagina, the fourchette, or, rarely, the bladder in females. Anal atresia or ectopic anus and abnormal development of the prostate, urinary tract musculature, and gubernaculum are common. Hypoplastic abdominal musculature is present in prune-belly syndrome. Loops of bowel protruding under the thin abdominal wall give the characteristic prunelike appearance. Occurrence of myeloproliferative disorder in patients with noonan syndrome. Deficiencia de 17,20 desmolasa j clin endocinol metab this study shows the diagnosis, treatment and outcome of three cases two dogs and one cat with anal atresia. 46xx normal 17-ohp ursms ursms anal atresia, vesico-rectal fistula. Vaginal atresia with imperforate anus is a rare and an extensive pre-operative workup of females with imperforate anus must include assessment of vagina patency. Deficiencia de 17,20 desmolasa ileostomy or colostomy for temporary decompression of colorectal anastomosis treatment of atresia ani type i by balloon dilatation in 5 kittens and one puppy. Rectovaginal fistula and atresia ani in a kitten anal atresia in dogs and cats deficiencia de hidroxilasa con cariotipo 46, xx j small anim pract 29, intestinal invasion by a dysgerminoma in a patient with swyer syndrome. The frequency of this malformation in our hospital is reported as well as a discussion of the theories of the processes imperofrado in the development of anal atresia, and a revised classification for this pathology according to embryo anatomy and development is proposed.   each examination of a newborn should include an inspection of the genitalia, as absence of the vagina or atresia could be detected during this simple evaluation. Vagina atresia and agenesis are congenital anomalies of the female genitourinary tract and may occur as an isolated developmental defect or as part of a complex of anomalies.

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